A Titular Message

davidwicaiBlog, Daily Distraction

As his country remains in lockdown and cases continue to spiral, a British artist has crafted a short narrative message using the titles on the spines of hardcover books.

Read the message as it builds from title, ignoring the author names. Remember this is a British artist, thus the reference to the “English Patient.”

Phil Shaw, who created the digital image, has shared other images using the spines of books. In one picture, for example, the books are social distancing.

On his website, Shaw writes he’s “always been fascinated by the possibility of creating the impossible. In life we all know deep down that magic just ain’t possible, but at the same time we all wish that just once something magical might happen. Just beyond the surface of a picture, the membrane that separates reality from fiction, we are able to experience the impossible. My world, the world beyond the picture plain, abounds with strange coincidences, contradictions and paradoxes; it’s where I live. My world is a place where humour is a serious matter, and it’s purpose is not simply to raise a laugh but to call attention to the puzzling absurdities and the dangerous myths, that permeate all our lives.”

(Thanks to Colleen Eggett for sharing this image).