A&M Grants Among Top Priorities for Budget Subcommittee


Legislators overseeing the Heritage & Arts budget and a half-dozen other state agencies placed multiple department requests at the top of their priority list.

The Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations announced their priorities Tuesday morning. The finalized list will now go the legislative leaders who comprise the Executive Appropriations Committee for consideration.

Department requests placed among the top 10 priorities for either one-time or ongoing funding included:

  • Restoration of 5% budget cuts ($1 million one-time and ongoing)
  • Martha Hughes Cannon event ($175,000 one-time)
  • Artifact storage facility maintenance ($15,000 one-time and ongoing)
  • Arts and museums sustainability grants ($4 million ongoing)

Three new full-time employees requested by the department — two staffers in Multicultural Affairs (community engagement, diversity training) and a women’s history staffer for State History — are also ranked high enough to have good chances of getting fully funded. The History position is ranked 14th and the Multicultural Affairs position is 21st. Last year, approximately the top 25 priorities were funded.

Another funding item of interest, even though it wasn’t officially requested by the department, is $500,000 to provide basic services for the mostly Navajo residents of the Westwater community outside of Bluff. The one-time funding was ranked 17th on the committee list.