August ’17 Grande Performer: Ruqia Qasim

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The Grande Performer for August, Ruqia Qusim, earned her trophy because of her willingness to provide whatever support is needed to ensure UServeUtah continually runs smoothly.

In nominating her, one of her co-workers said the following:

“Ruqia worked as our National Service Program Specialist before moving to her current position as office manager. She has been brilliant and invaluable in both positions. With the change, Ruqia has relieved a great deal of pressure on other staff. She is amazing when it comes to event planning, scheduling, office issues, and travel.

“Ruqia also provides excellent support with the higher profile meetings that we conduct. ensuring that minutes are properly recorded and that the provided materials are organized professionally. It’s a great feeling to have co-workers that go out of their way to support what others are doing and who place such a strong emphasis on the quality of their work.”