February Grande Performer: Emily Johnson

Sarina EhrgottBlog, Grande Performer

This month’s Grande Performer award went to Emily Johnson, museum services specialist with the Division of Arts & Museums. Among other things, she curated the “Who Tells Your Story” exhibition at the Capitol.

November ’17 Grande Performer: Claudia Borjas

davidwicaiBlog, Grande Performer

The November Grande Performer award was given to Claudia Borjas, who works with the Arts Education Program in the Division of Arts & Museums. The nomination emphasized Claudia ability to juggle many different tasks, while also keeping a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

July ’17 Grande Performer: Kristin Mead

davidwicaiBlog, Grande Performer

Financial analyst Kristin Mead has taken on a lot of responsibilities as the administrative team has evolved. This includes, among many other duties, overseeing the technology needs for the department and software licensing.

May ’17 Grande Performer: Michele Elnicky

davidwicaiBlog, Grande Performer

Congratulations to Michele Elnicky, the DHA Grande Performer for May. Michele works for Division of State History as a collections manager, and is usually found among the artifacts in the Rio Grande basement. Here are a couple of snippets from the nominations submitted for her. “Michele has been incredibly patient and accommodating during all of the building renovation projects that …