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Cheat Sheet for Using Your Office Phone Remotely

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While many employees who will regularly telework should consider getting a “soft phone” that allows their computer to serve as a virtual office phone, other employees may simply want to access their office desk phone remotely.

To help those employees, the Department of Technology Services has some tips for call forwarding and checking voicemail from outside of the office.

Setting up Voicemail/Accessing Voicemail 

CISCO 8800 Vmail Simple Steps 03.12.20.docx

Call Forwarding And Other Features

CISCO 8800 Simple Steps.docx

Forgot Voicemail Password

Get Help (online support) or Call the Help Desk to request assistance. 

Access Voicemail Remotely

  • Call your 10-digit phone number – press * when the voicemail message starts
  • Enter your 10-digit number 
  • Enter in your password
  • Follow Voice Prompts