A community radio DJ at his soundboard

Community Radio During a Pandemic

davidwicaiBlog, Daily Distraction

Listening to community radio, like eating at a local diner, provides a window into a town’s personality. From the playlists to the on-air chatter to the community calendars, even an hour or two spent can give a better sense of the psychic terroir of a place.

During the coronavirus outbreak, many community radio stations have struggled with how to stay on-air safely. For many, it was as much an economic consideration as a reflection of their purpose. They needed to provide an outpost of normalcy for people finding themselves confined to neighborhoods and homes. They needed to provide the community that defined their radio station.

Like the arts organizations, librarians, history museums, and others we support as a department, community radio stations are playing an important role during a difficult time. If you have 10-15 minutes, read this New York Times story while listening to your favorite community station.