A global pandemic of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began in China and has since spread throughout the world. Utah first reported a confirmed case on March 6 and the numbers have since escalated in the state.

Since March, schools, offices and businesses have been closed or tightly restricted on their operations. Gatherings should be less than 50 people and social distancing should always be practiced. Masks are encouraged.

Current Status & Planning Ahead

Although most of the state has moved to "Yellow," or low-risk, status, Salt Lake City remains at the moderate risk "Orange." As long as this level remains, most of employees will continue to telework. Offices are open, however, for employees that find it difficult or impossible to work from home.

All department events have been canceled or rescheduled for the coming months. Many events have moved to a virtual setting.

"Sometimes, all it takes is one kind word to nourish another person.
Think of the ripple effect that can be created when we nourish someone.
One kind, empathetic word has a wonderful way of turning into many."
— Fred Rogers

Teleworking Resources

Employees have access to many tools that can make telework more effective.

Global Connect VPN: A VPN is needed to access network drives, among other things. It is not needed to connect to email or other Google services. The state is switching to Global Connect. Learn more.

Using your office phone: Continuing to use your office phone number can be done by forwarding the phone or setting up a "soft phone" that can used through your computer. Learn more.

Google Suite: Going to or other Google services will require a login to, but otherwise all of these services can be used remotely from any computer, as well as most mobile devices.

Meet (and socialize) remotely: Google Meets is an effective way to have small meetings, bring teams together for updates, or even gather co-workers or friends for a virtual water cooler chat. Another option is Zoom, which is sometimes more effective for outside participants.

Keeping Up TO Date

The best source for information specific to the COVID-19 situation in Utah is through the official state website, Along with daily updates on case counts, the latest news releases, orders, and other information is posted on the website.

Many local and national news organizations have made their coverage of the pandemic free, and many have running blogs with the latest news.