Dogs and a cat around a conference table. Dog says, "Operation COVID-19 worked! All our humans are now staying home with us." Cat replies, "Why was our department not consulted about this?!"

COVID Cats & Dogs

davidwicaiBlog, Daily Distraction

Remember meetings in board rooms? Apparently animals can still meet in groups — and even ignore the six feet rule.

Anyhow, I digress … but that’s the whole point of posts on The Sidetrack. I’ve seen this cartoon bouncing around the Internet for a few weeks, but it still resonates. Personally, my cat seems happy to have all of us home because it means more food, but generally, I can agree that cats prefer to be left alone.

The New Yorker has become a daily destination during the stay-at-home time, especially their Humor & Cartoons section. The Borowitz report is a particular favorite and the recent Daily Shout about generational responses to the pandemic resonated (helped by the Gen X dad with the Wilco shirt).

Of course, no reference to a New Yorker cartoon would be complete without a shout-out to Seinfeld. So, as a bonus distraction, the classic scene with Elaine and a New Yorker editor is embedded below. Remember — volsteim!

(Thanks to Vicki Bourns for sharing this cartoon).