Dreaming of Travel


Afoot and light hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever
I choose.
—Walt Whitman

In a recent weekly update, Jill Love talked about missing travel during this time of pandemic. She also shared some photos from her past trips, and encouraged people to share their photos. Below are those photos with notes (slightly edited for context) from those who shared.

Jill Love — Oregon and the Redwoods

I love to travel so much, and I have known for a long time I enjoy the planning almost as much as I do the traveling. I am a dreamer. So I am planning the most amazing trips for when this is all over. I am also reminiscing, I have been sorting through photos of past trips and they feel my heart with good memories.

Emily Johnson — Turkey

I mark my life in vacations and planning vacations and travel… this summer will be really hard. We were supposed to be leaving for Turkey next week to introduce the baby to his great grandmother. That is obviously not happening. These photos are from the last time we were in Turkey, summer 2018, and the graffiti one is from Prague, which we tacked on to the end of that trip.

Chris Hansen — China

Here are a few photos I took two years ago when my wife, two daughters (they both speak Mandarin Chinese), and I traveled around China for 15 days exploring the places that my daughters have been learning about. I took nearly 2,500 photos (I like photography, too) on that trip and have been looking at them a lot lately. Such a beautiful world.

 Michelle Elnicky — Arizona and Kenya

Here are a few photos of Sedona and the Maasai Mara in Kenya.  I also highly recommend the Seychelles – excellent dreaming :).

Tracy Hansford — South Africa

I so long to see the Redwoods! Maybe someday soon. I attached a few photos from my recent trip to South Africa. It seems insane that my husband and I were able to take this trip in January of this year. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos.

Ellen Weist — Oregon and Florida

These travel photos show my girls, Amy and Bella, in Florida last July with their cousins and their grandmother in Portland on the 4th of July.