Employee Input Sought on Proposed Museum Plans


PRD Consultants are conducting two planning sessions this week to gather feedback from employees about the exhibitions they would like to see at the proposed Museum of Utah.

During the first session on Monday afternoon, the consultants described three possible thematic options for exhibitions. All of the options are designed to occupy approximately 10,000 square feet on the first floor of the proposed building at the State Capitol Complex. There is additional space allotted in all of the options for a fine arts gallery (similar to the Rio Gallery) and special exhibitions.

Along with a presentation that provided an overview of the proposed museum and their options, the consultants also took questions from attending employees and board members. For anybody who wants to hear the presentation and participate in the discussion, a second session is planned for Tuesday evening the Zephyr Room.

An overview of each option will also be posted on the Museum of Utah information page following the second presentation.