February Grande Performer: Emily Johnson

Sarina EhrgottBlog, Grande Performer

This month’s Grande Performer award went to Emily Johnson, museum services specialist with the Division of Arts & Museums. Among other things, she curated the “Who Tells Your Story” exhibition at the Capitol.

For more information about the exhibition, read the D-News story about it.

Here is the nomination for Johnson’s award:

“We recognize Emily Johnson her stellar work in developing, curating, and implementing the “Who Tells Your Story?” exhibition and associated programs. Utilizing her knowledge of the state’s art and history collections and relationships with museum professionals, artists, and collectors statewide, Emily created a unique exhibition that celebrates diversity, narrative, and heritage. Emily earnestly took this project on in addition to her work at the state’s Art Registrar, ensuring that DHA would have an exhibition present at the State Capitol during this legislative session. In many ways this project serves as an important model of the kind of cross-disciplinary collaboration our Department is encouraging to better serve Utahns.

In July 2017, Emily Johnson formally transitioned into her new role as the Museum Services Specialist. She is instrumental in the development and launch of a new social impact study on museums statewide and has demonstrated leadership in the Division of Arts & Museums’ current strategic planning efforts. Staff at the Chase Home Museum love the thoughtfulness, skill, and wit she brings to the table and truly feel like she makes the team better. With all of these accomplishments under her belt and many more to come, we proudly nominate Emily Johnson for the Grande Performer Award.”