Finance Team


This team offers the department the opportunity to take stock of what we do best, where we have the greatest impact, and how we partner to get the most impact out of small budgets. Ways in which we will accomplish this include:
• Identify and communicate financial priorities to refine the department budget.
• Identify opportunities for efficiencies.
• Maximize opportunities for financial support outside General Fund.
• Increase understanding of state processes and legislation.

Team members

Tenielle Humphreys

Finance Director

Tenielle is responsible for steering the organization's financial strategy and operations, encompassing budgeting, forecasting, and ensuring accurate financial reporting in compliance with regulatory standards. This pivotal role involves advising on financial decisions, leading the finance team, and collaborating across departments to align financial practices with the organization's overarching goals and initiatives.


Kimberlee Willette

Financial Analyst

Cathy Wann

Financial Analyst

Ketty Ji

Financial Analyst 

Ksenia Choate


Joshua Thorup


Greg Jeffs