Green Bikes parked at the Rio Grande Depot

Green Bikes, Open Roads at the Rio


Traveling to and from the Rio Grande Depot has gotten notably easier over the past couple of months.

Earlier this fall, a new Green Bike station on the east side of the Depot building. These provide a great way to get around downtown (and even a little further south), especially on nice days. They eliminate the hassle of parking and hardly make a difference in travel time.

Because the department is the station sponsor, all of the department employees — regardless of where they work — qualify for an annual membership that only costs a penny using the promo code HeritageArts2019.

The annual membership allows you unlimited 60-minute rides. Bikes can be checked out any station using either a Green Bike card, the mobile app, or the credit card connected to your account. When you’ve reached your destination, lock the bike to another station. Full instructions can be found on this information sheet.

Green Bike has actually expanded into the Central Ninth area as well as South Salt Lake this fall, and seem to be holding on despite the dockless scooters and bikes that compete for riders. They have also added a number of e-bikes to their fleet and updated their mobile app to make finding those bikes easier.

Another change that makes getting to the Rio easier, especially from the north, is the re-opening of Rio Grande Street at 200 West. This is part of a larger reduction in security and law enforcement measures due to the opening of the four new shelters in Salt Lake and South Salt Lake, which will mean the closure of The Road Home shelter on 200 West.

The Utah Highway Patrol will maintain a presence in the Rio Grande area, including its office in the Depot, but the number of troopers is expected to decrease. Along with the proximity to the transit center, service providers remain in the area and the St. Vincent de Paul Center could serve as an overflow shelter during the winter.