July ’17 Grande Performer: Kristin Mead

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Financial analyst Kristin Mead has taken on a lot of responsibilities as the administrative team has evolved. This includes, among many other duties, overseeing the technology needs for the department and software licensing. Her willingness to juggle multiple tasks and tackle new responsibilities earned her the July Grande Performer Award, which was presented at the monthly Heritage Huddle.

Also, she has spent hours dealing with cell phone companies in an attempt to simply manage department accounts. That alone deserves not only an award, but hazard pay.

One of the nominations for Kristin is below:

Kristin Mead has been such a help to me in so many ways. While serving on the Department Retreat committee I could count on her to go the extra mile with anything that needed to be done. The retreat would not have been such a success without her help. She was there from beginning to end.
Also, since we have lost several admin team members Kristin has taken over so many new responsibilities on top of what she was already doing. If it is something she doesn’t know how to do she takes the time to figure it out, never complaining. She has been the behind the scenes super hero of the Admin team.
I believe Kristin deserves this award for always going above and beyond. She deserves to be recognized for the awesome hard working person that she is.