June Grande Performer: Sabrina Sanders

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Chase Home Museum of Folk Arts. Sabrina joined the museum staff a year ago and has managed the introduction of new exhibits.

Here is what one of the nominations for Sabrina said:
“I’d love to nominate Sabrina Sanders for the Grande Performer award. We are coming up on Sabrina’s one-year anniversary in July at the Chase Museum and I can’t truly describe what a huge impact she’s had here in our museum and with our staff.
I’ve worked with Sabrina in different iterations over the course of 5 years — she and I started working together when she was my intern at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts — and it’s been a true pleasure to get to work with someone that is so passionate about museums and about community development. Not only is she an extremely caring and patient person, she’s dedicated to putting our museum on the map.
In her year with us, she has overseen our exhibition change outs, making the Chase exhibitions more accessible to our main patrons (families and children) and unifying the look of our galleries. She has worked with our intern Mikee to create educational activities for museum goers, keeping them engaged in the museum for longer periods of time and allowing them to have more meaningful experiences in our space. She’s managed data gathering here in the museum in a much more effective way, allowing us to better know our audiences and what they want out of this space–this has allowed us to be more nimble and responsive over time and create activities and exhibitions that people want to see. Most importantly, Sabrina is simply a joy to be around. She’s made our team at the Chase Home Museum complete in a lot of ways and I’m very happy to nominate her for recognition.”
If you get the chance to stop by the Chase Home this month, congratulate Sabrina and check out the trophy. The Chase Home is busy all month, with new exhibits and the always entertaining Mondays in the Park. Check their Facebook page for regular updates.