Ksenia Choate speaks about chronic pain at the Heritage Huddle.

Ksenia Choate: Curable Pain


A personal and inspirational talk from Ksenia Choate about her struggles with chronic pain and the surprising solution she found to manage it.

For most of her life, Ksenia has dealt with debilitating headaches and other chronic pain. She searched for years to find an explanation and a cure to no avail, and generally resorted to ibuprofen throughout the day simply to survive. Then, while waiting to begin Botox injections in yet another attempt to rid herself of the pain, Ksenia read an article in TechCrunch about an app called Curable.

Two months later, Ksenia’s life has changed. In this Heritage Huddle talk, she shares her story and talks about how Curable helped her. However, this isn’t simply a plug for a new tech solution to age-old problems. Her talk can serve as inspiration and solace for anybody dealing with chronic pain or other problems.

You can listen to the whole talk here or share with others through Soundcloud. Also included is the slide deck Ksenia used. The TedX talk she mentions in her talk will be posted on the Intranet video page.

A production note: I am still learning proper recording techniques for the Zephyr Room, which presents ambient and logistical challenges. The audio has an echo and there is some background noise. Trust me, it’s vastly improved from the raw audio (which I can share with anybody interested in comparing) but still not perfect.

Here is the presentation deck:

“Curable” Pain on Scribd