Legislature Week 1 Recap

davidwicaiBlog, Legislature

Things moved quickly, in a good way, during the first week of the legislative session — and, indeed, on the first day.

Foremost, many of the bills supported by the department passed their originating chamber on Monday — in other words, House bills passed the House, Senate bills passed the Senate. They included:

  • HB42 (Heritage & Arts amendments)
  • HCR1 (U.S. 250th anniversary commission)
  • HCR2 (Old Iron Town State Monument)
  • SB14 (Tribal Leader Description amendments)
  • SB24 (Utah Works Program amendments)
  • SCR1 (Danger Cave State Monument)

The most excitement came when the House decided to have some fun with their newest member, Rep. Pierucci, by voting down her first bill — HB42. They quickly changed their votes and the bill passed unanimously.

The House passed House Bill 46 on Tuesday, as well. That bill makes a number of technical changes for Arts & Museums. All of these bills have now moved to the opposite chamber for either committee hearings.

Also on Tuesday, the Downtown Alliance presented their plans for the Rio Grande Depot Public Market to the Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee. They are requesting $300,000 this year to conduct a feasibility study of the Depot’s use as a market. My take: Multiple legislators seemed skeptical of state support for the project, even if they like the general idea. The Salt Lake Tribune covered this story in a more positive light.

For the coming week, the department will present its budget requests to the BEDL subcommittee on Wednesday morning. We also expect many of the bills that passed their originating chamber last week to be heard in committees this week.