MarCom Team


"MarCom" represents "Marketing Communications," emphasizing intelligent strategies and tactics to effectively convey messages, engage customers, and concentrate the brand's focus. Our commitment lies in enhancing program impact through comprehensive marketing, design, and communications support. Our dual focus involves elevating awareness of CCE's projects for heightened engagement and aiding division programs in amplifying community impact through strategic efforts.

Team members

Sarina Ehrgott

director of marketing + brand

With over a decade's journey in the advertising world having launched fortune 500 brands and campaigns, followed by another decade in the realm of for-benefit initiatives, Sarina is more than a marketer, brand strategist, and creative director – she's a seasoned authority fusing strategic insight with design-thinking leadership. Sarina received a BFA in fine art form the University of Houston, holds a graduate certificate in non-profit management from the Harvard Extension school and is and finishing a master's in museum studies.


Ellen Weist

public information officer

With a celebrated career spanning decades in the journalism industry, Ellen stands as a distinguished wordsmith with an impressive collection of accolades. Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of public service, Ellen is now a valuable leader connected to the governor's office  where her expertise in communication continues to make a meaningful impact on state affairs and beyond. Ellen's education here.


Kevin Edwards

photographer and graphic design specailist

Jenny Duff

graphic design specailist

Sophia Riggs

Legislative and Operations Assistant

Renee Leita

Contract Communications

Tanner Gunnaway

contract web design and development


Content Approval Document

CCE's content approval policy establishes the guidelines and procedures for reviewing, verifying, and authorizing content before its dissemination to the public to ensure alignment with organizational standards and objectives.

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Content Creation Checklist

This guide aids program and marketing managers in crafting effective content by offering best practices, tips, and strategies to create engaging materials aligned with your division's and program's communication objectives and the demands of SEO.

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Content Calendar Template

This tool helps maintain alignment with your division's overarching messages from a birds's-eye view. This calendar helps formulating regular brand presence as every piece of marketing content contributes to your strategic goals and the golas of CCE.

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Social Post Template

This optional tool streamlines the creation and approval of social media content by providing a clear structure and approval dropdown. This resource simplifies the internal review processes for social keeping monthly content all in one place and linked to the content calendar.

Google Doc
Google Sheet 

Social Media Policy

Guidelines for appropriate conduct, content sharing, and interactions on social platforms, protecting the organization's brand reputation, ensuring legal compliance, and fostering a positive and respectful online community environment.

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Media Policy

A framework for alerting the PIO, managing information dissemination, ensuring consistent, accurate, and responsible messaging that upholds the organization's values, maintains public trust, and complies with legal and ethical standards in media interactions.

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Adobe Express

Getting Started

Begin your Adobe Express journey through our training module tailored for new users. Follow along with Kevin's training assets to gain the essential skills for navigating Adobe Express and using templates created by us, your creative team.

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Emma Email

Getting Started

This training was created in 2018 for CCE employees as they to start using Emma for their email marketing. This video is a high-level introduction led by Marketing Director Sarina Ehrgott created as a get-started guide.

Look for a new training video with Emma/Marigold and the new template builder coming soon

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Design Portfolio

Project Name

A creative soul fluent in design and photography, Kevin expertly weaves visual stories across diverse realms including his own artistic practice.