May ’17 Grande Performer: Michele Elnicky

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Congratulations to Michele Elnicky, the DHA Grande Performer for May. Michele works for Division of State History as a collections manager, and is usually found among the artifacts in the Rio Grande basement. Here are a couple of snippets from the nominations submitted for her.

Michele has been incredibly patient and accommodating during all of the building renovation projects that have had people working and accessing her collection space. In some cases, with little or no notice, she and her staff have cheerfully accommodated contractors, electricians, plumbers and other … she has been gracious and professional, and she and her team are a real asset and shining representatives of our department.


“Michele is a consummate professional. She is very dedicated to her work, even when the details would drive a lesser person insane, such as editing the new catalog. She is also very protective of staff and always looking out for others. She makes sure that the part-time staff are informed and advocates for them. Whether helping with exhibits on short notice or giving words of encouragement, Michele’s kindness and positive attitude shine through.”