November ’17 Grande Performer: Claudia Borjas

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The November Grande Performer award was given to Claudia Borjas, who works with the Arts Education Program in the Division of Arts & Museums. The nomination emphasized Claudia ability to juggle many different tasks, while also keeping a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

“I wish to nominate Claudia Borjas for the Grande Performer award. My first encounter with Claudia began in 2006 when she won first place in the Utah Poetry Out Loud competition with a stunning recitation of Rhina Espaillat’s Blingua/Bilingue. Shortly there after she was given a full scholarship to the University of Utah and simultaneously began working for our Arts Education Program. She continued working for Arts and Museums, including managing the day-to-day tasks of Poetry Out Loud, while carrying a full load and graduating with honors in 2010. Beyond managing much of Poetry Out Loud, Claudia developed the online submission process for the Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Competition and the online judging process. She cheerfully manages to communicate with over 250 high school students, their teachers, and parents. Regardless of whether it is registering Utah teachers for professional development workshops, packing endless boxes of art supplies, translating for a Spanish speaker, or filing all the necessary forms for travel reimbursement, teaching artist’s memorandum of understanding, the onerous bid process, and chasing data, Claudia does so patiently, with a smile and unflagging work ethic. I value Claudia as a colleague and a friend beyond measure, and therefore submit this with gratitude for her presence here at the Utah Division of Arts and Museums.”