Utah is a distinctive place, filled with natural wonders, Native peoples, pioneer heritage, and cultures from around the world. The Department of Cultural & Community Engagement works to be stewards of Utah’s and Utahns’ stories.

Most state agencies focus on meeting residents’ tangible needs, but CCE is charged with directly supporting the social infrastructure of state government. We help our partners with programs that support thriving, engaged Utah communities, which can’t exist without thriving, engaged Utahns.


Utah is a vibrant and inclusive place where people love to live because they feel connected, empowered, and inspired.

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Donna Law, CCE executive director

New Employee To-Do List

This tool for new employees is a comprehensive guide that ensures a smooth and efficient introduction to our organization, covering all essential steps and resources needed for new staff to comfortably integrate and quickly become effective members of our CCE team.

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Meet Our Leadership

Getting to know CCE's leadership team is an opportunity for staff to understand our organizational vision and goals, build meaningful professional relationships, and gain capacity-building partnerships that can enhance personal growth and contribute to our collective success.

Our Fearless Leaders

Our Divisions

Exploring the various divisions and programs within CCE offers a unique chance to broaden your understanding of our department's diverse functions and initiatives, fostering cross-divisional collaboration and enhancing your ability to contribute to our multifaceted mission.

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