Charlie Puth in front of his unmade bed

One World, Together, With Messy Beds

davidwicaiBlog, Daily Distraction

This past weekend featured the “One World Together” concert, described as a Live Aid for those impacted by COVID-19. The six-hour concert featured performances from dozens of musicians from nearly every popular genre in the past few decades.

It also featured Charlie Puth’s unmade bed, which is the primary reason for this post.

One of the challenges of teleworking has been getting accustomed to the joys and flaws of video conferences. There’s plenty of articles explaining what to wear, the best angle for your camera, and how to mute yourself (especially if you have a dog who likes to bark), yet many of us still struggle with the basics of presentation and technology.

Thus, it was comforting to watch the concert’s performers in their various stay-at-home, teleconference set-ups. First, all of the performances were taped in advance because organizers knew that live performances would inevitably face the same technical glitches we face on a nearly daily basis. And second, many of the performers backdrops seemed on par with what many of us present during video calls — simple rooms converted to offices.

Which brings us back to Charlie Puth. For those of you without teenagers in the house, he is the songwriter behind the massive hit song, “See You Again” and other hits. Despite his fame, however, he was back in his old room at his parent’s house and, apparently, once again waiting for his mom to make his bed. Which is actually comforting, because it showed that even major pop stars and their handlers still struggle with the basics of video conferencing.

Admittedly, the backdrops presented by the various musicians varied greatly. Some seemed natural, like two of The Killers in front of a fireplace — and one them, drummer Ronald Vanucci Jr., looking like, well, every man these days. Others were enviable, especially those performing in the two-hour prime time slot, such as Elton John’s piano-and-basketball stage or Eddie Vedder’s “creative man cave.”

Unmade beds aside, however, the best setting award went to Jack Johnson. A native Hawaiian, he socially isolated on his beautiful front porch and delivered a remarkably fitting song for the moment. Enjoy.