Todd Anderson rides an electronic bike.

Pedal Power @ The Rio


Two new biking options could soon be available for employees at the Rio Grande Depot.Next spring, a Green Bike station will be installed on the east side of the Depot building. The station is being installed through an agreement signed by the department.

Employees and commuters will be able to take the bikes through the Depot to ride to the Transit Center, which also has a Green Bike station. Other stations can be found throughout the downtown area, providing an easy way to get to places such as the Main Library, City Creek Center, and Main Street restaurants. They also can be used to quickly get to the Red Line for anybody traveling to the U of U campus.

Green Bikes aren’t free for employees, but an annual pass can be purchased for $35 in 2018. The discount does require a code¬† — for the past three years, StateEmployee, with the last two numbers of year at the end, has worked — and an email address. In my experience, this is a great bargain and even with the closest stations a block away (north, east, and west) the Green Bikes have become my go-to option for getting around downtown.

Another biking option under consideration by the department are e-bikes provided by state fleet. These bikes complement pedal power with electronic motors, which make climbing hills a breeze and also allow for longer rides with minimal sweat. These would serve as ideal options to get to the Capitol, especially during the General Session and interim days. They could also be great alternatives for traveling to the Glendinning, State Library, and other places outside of downtown for those wanting to limit driving or during red air days.

To get the e-bikes, enough people in the department have to show interest. A brief training is required, and as some employees learned during a recent demo at the Rio, it actually makes sense because the bikes are heavy and awkward.