Political Involvement Policy Reminder


Dear Team Utah,

2020 is an election year and some of you may be considering getting involved in the political process or seeking elected office. Please note that the state of Utah has a few policies that are designed to protect the state and its employees from actual or perceived wrongdoing and strive to ensure that our varied missions move forward without disruption from involvement in the election process.

Our rules prohibit the use of state time and resources from being used for political purposes and state employees who hold (or plan to seek) elected office must comply with federal law. It could be that an arrangement for you to seek an elected office may not be possible. For example, the Hatch Act contains some restrictions for employees whose positions are funded by federal funds.  

The specifics of the rules referenced above can be viewed with these links:

Please take some time to ensure that you are familiar with this information. If you have an interest in seeking public office, please consult with your agency director and relevant agency counsel before filing/declaring candidacy.

If you have any questions or concerns or need further clarification, please reach out to the human resource office serving your agency.