Remote Work Initiative Beginning


A message from Jill Love:

I am excited to announce the Department of Heritage & Arts will soon be rolling out A New Workplace, the State of Utah’s remote work and workplace flexibility program. Implementing A New Workplace will allow a portion of our department to work remotely and result in substantial benefits in a number of areas. I am truly enthusiastic about what we can achieve through this program.

Lt. Governor Spencer Cox initiated A New Workplace with the aim of improving air quality, increasing access to State jobs in rural Utah, increasing productivity, improving talent retention and recruitment, and better utilizing our buildings. It has been successfully implemented across a number of State departments with resulting productivity increases and improvements in employee satisfaction.

The program is designed to enable employees to work outside of a State building by providing a framework for identifying eligible participants and structuring their Remote Work to provide mutual benefit. The program is available to all employees whose jobs are suitable for Remote Work and who are in good standing with regard to performance. We will work to identify those who can participate in the program during rollout. We are finalizing our DHA Telework policy and DHA telework procedures and will have those available shortly.

We will formally launch the program starting in March. Leading up to launch we will be conducting a number of activities to customize and structure the program for DHA. More specifically we will:

  • Put systems in place to support Remote Work including technology, processes, HR tools, and work environments
  •  Identify eligible participants and structure performance metrics and Remote Work agreements
  • Provide training to our Remote Workers, their managers, their teams and our partners

Implementation will be a big task and I have asked Tenielle Humphreys to serve as our Department’s A New Workplace coordinator. She will work within DHA and with our State partners [GOMB, DTS, DHRM, and DFCM] to customize and rollout the program specifically for us.

You can expect to hear directly from Tenielle Humphreys about implementation progress and launch details several times in the coming months. Please reach out to her ( or Kristin Mead ( with any questions.

Once again, I am enthusiastic about A New Workplace at DHA and know it will help us further enhance our culture and achieve higher performance.