Two Navajos watch sheep being donated to residents of the Navajo Nation

Sheep Delivered to Navajo Nation

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Dustin Jansen recently joined senior staff for Gov. Gary Herbert on a visit to the Navajo Nation that included the delivery of 604 live sheep from the Farmers Feeding Utah initiative.

Rozanna Benally-Sagg and her family helped coordinate the distribution of the sheep. The sheep were delivered to families in several communities—Aneth, Montezuma Creek, Red Mesa (UT),  Todahadekani, Halchita, Monument Valley, Oljato, Navajo Mountain—on the Utah Navajo Nation strip of land.

The Navajo Nation has one of the highest rates of infection for COVID-19, and has been forced into multiple weekend stay-at-home orders. The Farmers Feeding Utah initiative is one of many relief efforts that have been launched to help the Navajo people during this crisis.

Another fundraising effort, coordinated by the Division of Indian Affairs and the Utah Bar Association, is raising money from lawyers and others who want to help the Navajos.

A number of news stories have been written about these different efforts: