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Six Tips to Make Telework Work

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Whether it’s extreme weather, power outage, or some other event that makes it difficult to get to the office, all employees need to understand how they can easily work from home or another remote location. With the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak restricting access to state offices, it is even more important for everyone to prepare for potential telework.

The following tips will help every employee be productive while teleworking and assist teams in continuing important project.

  1. Access email: Type “gmail.utah.gov” in your browser’s address bar and you will be redirected to the Utah-ID login page. You can login to all of the state’s Google Suite services, including Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, and more, using your Utah-ID. You will be required to login every 24 hours or whenever you relaunch your browser.
  2. Check email on your phone: To access your state email on your mobile device, you need to install MDM on your phone. Learn more about MDM.
  3. Create a shared drive: Accessing files without VPN is easy with Google Shared Drive (fna Google Team Drive). Every DHA Division will have a Google Shared Drive set up. If you do not receive access from your Division, contact your Division Administration. 
  4. Access network servers: If you have a laptop and require access to the network servers for your work, you need to have a VPN installed. Submit a Hazel case for VPN access.
  5. Take your work phone home: Have you heard of softphones yet? A softphone ties your work phone number to your computer and allows you to answer your phone through your computer audio. Learn more about softphones and the request process.
  6. Host a meeting: Keeping up on face-to-face communication with your team is easy through Google Suite resources such as Google Meet and Google Chat. You can watch tutorials at the bottom of this page.