The Road Home shelter

Collections Center Update


The state’s Homeless Coordinating Committee, which is overseeing the transition from Rio Grande-centric service area to dispersed shelters, is offering to purchase The Road Home property and use the land for a new building for Heritage & Arts.

The property would be used for previously proposed artifacts and arts collections center. While this proposal touches on a lot of larger debates, as a department, this has a lot of positives. The location works better, particularly because it allows us have to utilize the secure shared parking lot between the two buildings. It also adds heightened urgency to the proposal beyond the already clear need to simply protect the collections.

By way of a follow-up, Fox 13 visited the Rio Grande on Friday, Aug. 10, for a story that ran over the weekend. Reporter Todd Tanner focused on the the storage issues currently faced by the History staff. As always, Collections Manager Doug Misner did a very impressive job as tour guide. Watch the whole story., whose reporter Carter Williams reported on the storage issues earlier this year, also did a follow-up story explaining the proposal and how it relates to the prior proposal. Read the story.