We do better together: One Utah. One CCE.


Last year, the Utah Department of Cultural and Community Development claimed a new name by undergoing an extensive strategic planning process. The name is great, said Utah Rep. Mike Winder, “but we need to make that name come to life.”

The strategic planning process wasn’t about taking on more work or eliminating programs. Instead, it was an opportunity to more clearly define the mission and vision that underscores all of the department’s work; more specifically the plan sets goals for the administrative team to work more effectively with division.

“Roads don’t give us life and inspire our souls,” said Dina Blaes, chair of the Utah Board of State History. “But the work of the department does.”

As part of the planning process, the department conducted research, interviewing constituents, stakeholders, division leadership, and staff, while also examining each division’s data and future plans. Considering that input, leaders evaluated what we do and how we do it, in order to chart a path forward.

We found clarity in the idea of “One Utah. One CCE,” outlining how our department, under the direction of the Utah Governor’s Office, aligns our work as a family of divisions. That theme also inspired the administration’s strategic goals.

After all, as Ken Verdoia, a board member for the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, said: “The Department of Cultural and Community Engagement was made for these times.”

Read the CCE Strategic Plan here.