Welcome: Devon McGregor


Marketing intern, Administration

Where did you work most recently?
I worked as the public relations manager at Brigham Young University’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures.
What expertise or skills do you want your colleagues to know about?
I feel that I have strong skills in storytelling and voice as it relates to strategic communications.

Devon McGregor

Where were you raised?
I was born and raised in Plano, Tex., north of Dallas.
Where did you attend university?

I am currently attending BYU, studying public relations, with minors in business and
What brought you to work in state government?
I saw an internship opening and I thought the job description fit my expertise.

What personal hobbies and interests would be helpful for your co-workers to know about?
I enjoy going to the gym, playing the piano, and cooking.
What kind of work conversations, meetings, or retreat activities spark your creativity or new ideas?

I enjoy any kind of interactive team-building games, I think those are always fun.