Welcome: Justin Ivie


Arts education coordinator, Utah Arts & Museums

What personal hobbies and interests would be helpful for your co-workers to know

Crafting, sculpting, and props fabrication. In addition, I’m a Disney Parks devotee.

Where did you work (or receive training) most recently?
I have been a professional theater artist — working as an actor, director,
designer, and stage manager at companies across the state — for more than 30 years. Most recently I directed “The Audience” for Creekside Theatre Festival.

Justin Ivie

What expertise or skills do you want your colleagues to know about?
I love crafting and creating with my hands, and I enjoy learning about and experimenting with new materials and media.

Where were you raised?
I grew up in West Jordan. (Go Jaguars!)

Where did you attend university?
I got my bachelors in musical theatre at Weber State University and my MFA in
acting at Northern Illinois University.

What brought you to work in state government?
I was thrilled at the opportunity to join the Division of Arts & Museums!

What kind of work conversations, meetings or retreat activities spark your
creativity or new ideas?

I am inspired by opportunities to make unexpected connections. I like to learn
about new things and explore familiar things through a new len