Welcome: Lauren Webb


Intern, National History Day program, Utah Division of State History

Where did you work most recently?

I’ve been working as a public historian at Wheeler Farm creating historic interpretation programs.

What expertise or skills do you want your colleagues to know about?

I don’t consider myself an expert in many things, but I do want everyone to know that I’m bringing a lot of enthusiasm and creative energy to this opportunity.

Where were you raised?

I grew up in Layton, and now live in Salt Lake City.

Where did you attend university?
I’m currently working toward my undergraduate degree in history at the University of Utah.

What brought you to work in state government?

I’m at the point in my education where I want to start applying what I’ve been learning, while also continuing to learn through hands-on participation and working with really cool and smart people. I’ve heard about what the state does with National History Day and thought it sounded cool, so here I am!

What personal hobbies/interests would be helpful for your co-workers to know

I like to read and talk to other people about good books (and love receiving recommendations). I can’t imagine how this would be helpful, but I’ll also say that I love karaoke and dance parties.

What kind of work conversations, meetings or retreat activities spark your
creativity or new ideas?

Discussions about academic history papers are always energizing, as are conversations about how to make the work we do social justice-centered. I also like hearing about places people have traveled or hidden gems they’ve recently discovered in Salt Lake City.